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Ann Choi - Co-Chair

Hello, my name is Ann Choi, and I am a fourth-year Concurrent Education student at Queen's! I am more than excited to welcome you as a delegate to Queen's Sustainability Conference (QSUS) 2017. From my first year at university as the intern for the Commission of Environment and Sustainability with the Alma Mater Society, I have been committed to making our campus more sustainable. Our conference focuses on bringing together diverse talent from various disciplines, and I am looking forward to seeing the range of new ideas and innovation you will bring to our conference.

Katie Qiu - Co-Chair

As a fourth year commerce student in accounting, my interest for the environment began at a young age when I first calculated my ecological footprint. Ever since, I have grown to learn about the complexities around the issues of sustainability, and advocate for alternative resource uses and innovations. As a generation raised in the awareness of such scarce resources, disruptive ideas and little changes in habit have already had large repercussions globally, showing just how small an action can be and still carry an immense weight in changing mindsets and shifting lifestyles. The conference serves as a platform for change from home, reuniting a diverse pool of students with the same goal, to spread sustainability ideas one seed at a time.

Olivia Slater - Speakers Coordinator

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student of Political Studies and Global Development Studies here at Queen’s. My interest in politics revolves around my passion for environmental equity. I am a dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., where I grew up learning to appreciate the fresh air of the Green Mountains. Eating out of my mother’s garden and spending much of my homeschool-oriented youth doing bookwork in community gardens inspired my interest for making sustainable food systems available to others. I look forward to being a part of QSUS for the first time this year and to hearing all the innovative ideas my classmates have regarding this and many other issues relating to environmental sustainability.

Vicky Jenkins - Speakers Coordinator

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in Environmental Science as well as the Certificate in Business here at Queens. Travel has always been an important aspect of my life, and my interest in sustainability and our role to play has stemmed from those experiences. Most notably, volunteering in Peru for a month in archaeology in high school- where the important role of environmental degradation and the subsequent role it has in varying aspects of life was highlighted. The combination of my academic and extracurricular interest in environmental issues as well as sustainability has culminated in my involvement with this conference. This is my first year on the QSUS executive team and cannot wait to network with speakers, delegates and my fellow students about engaging topics surrounding sustainability.

Jacob Riha - Sponsorship Coordinator

My name is Jacob Riha and I am a fourth year Environmental Biology and Economics student. With a passion for just about anything outdoors, I have used the many opportunities presented to me while at Queen’s to work towards a career in sustainability and wildlife conservation. I believe that the most pressing issue for our generation will be to tackle sustainable development and work towards slowing down climate change. To create the kind of future that we want for ourselves and future generations will require unprecedented collaboration among citizens and community stakeholders everywhere, and depend on making change at every scale. Accordingly, I am thrilled to be a part of QSUS this year and look forward to shifting the conversation on campus and making real, positive change in the community.

Keerthana Ravigulan - Sponsorship Coordinator

Hi, my name is Keerthana Ravigulan and I am a third year biochemical engineering student. I became interested in environmental sustainability at a young age, and this interest has been fostered through studying engineering at queens. I'm very excited for the conference to learn more about this topic and to see all the innovative ideas other students have.

Holly Foxall - Marketing Coordinator

Hello, my name is Holly Foxall, and I am a fourth year Environmental Science student at Queen’s. I am very excited to be a part of the 2016/17 Queen’s Sustainability Conference (QSUS). I have always been interested in the environment, and my passion has grown throughout my undergrad as I’ve learned so much about sustainability and environmental issues. I’m excited to be a part of QSUS and work to educate others on campus, and make Queen’s University more sustainable. I’m looking forward to an innovative conference that will not only inspire those in attendance, but will provide tangible skills and opportunities to create change on campus and beyond.

Rowan Cress - Marketing Coordinator

Toronto born and raised I have always been a city girl but my passions lie in anything related to the outdoors! My name is Rowan Cress and I am currently in my fourth year at Queen’s, studying Biology. I am fluent in German and have a passion for baking! I am also well-travelled and hope to continue that trend throughout my life. Becoming an active member of environmental awareness and sustainability related initiatives has always been very important to me because the only way to start positive change is to get involved! I believe in the goals that QSUS has and I am honoured to be a part of the positive change that the conference will generate within the student body and on campus.

Emily Ishoj - Delegates Coordinator

My name is Emily Ishoj and I am a fourth year commerce student specializing in accounting at Queen's University! My commitment for sustainability began when I was 6 years old at summer camp. In high school I was in my school's sustainability club, where I taught others to be environmentally sustainable in their daily lives. This is my second year being part of QSUS and I am very excited for the conference this year! My favourite part of the conference last year was interacting with the passionate delegates and I am looking forward to meeting all of the delegates again this year!

Kyla Ontko - Delegates Coordinator

Hi my name is Kyla Ontko, I am a fourth year environmental science major and geology minor. My interest in the environment began since I was little growing up in Ecuador. One of my greatest nature-related memories was going to the Galapagos Islands in my 8th grade field school trip and discovering the great diversity the country has to offer. I’m exited to be a part of QSUS this year and I can’t wait to listen to everyone’s ideas about sustainability on campus and how to reduce our impact on the environment.

Bronwyn Vaisey - First Year Representative

My name is Bronwyn Vaisey and I am a first year commerce student at Queen’s University. Over the course of my studies and growing up in Vancouver I became heavily involved in sustainability and food initiatives in my local community. In particular, I am drawn to how conservation and food connects to environmentalism, ecology, and social justice. Coming to Kingston I was searching for a platform to continue my learning and develop my passions, which was what drew my to Queen’s Sustainability Conference. As the Frosh Representative, I hope to connect the Queen’s community together through sustainability and environmentalism, creating a better campus and a more knowledgable and engaged student body.

Shannon Edie - First Year Representative

My name is Shannon Edie and I’m in my first year of artsci. My love for the environment was inspired by my parents, both avid rock climbers and outdoor-fanatics. I’m originally from a small farm town in Washington, but then my family moved to Calgary and I spent the rest of my childhood exploring the Canadian Rockies. Through chains of volunteering groups and sustainability conferences around the world, I’ve immersed myself in trying to protect the environment I love so much. I’m excited to help Queen’s elevate its sustainability measures!

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